Salt places around the world

Salt places around the world

There are places throughout the world related to salt and its method of production. When we think about where the salt we eat is obtained first thing that usually comes to mind is its obtained by the sea but there are many other places where you can get it.

North America

On this continent we can find salt lakes like Salt Lake in Utah or natural crystallization occurs in Death Valley, California and also is a place of great tourist interest.

South America

In Bolivia we can find a great plain of salt so large that is visible from space and reflecting the sunlight as if it were a giant mirror. To the south, in Argentina we can find the Salinas Grandes de Córdoba, of natural origin. North in Colombia, exits a peculiar tourist enclave, an underground cathedral inside a salt mine.


In the old continent there are several places where salt takes a leading role. In Ukraine, tunnels salt are used to treat respiratory diseases or in Trapani, Italy, the salt marshes are the main economic engine. As in America also exits salt caves that are attractions such as the one in Cardona, Spain and the most famous, the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland where he has the status of a national monument.


East continent offers two attractions. In Iran it was discovered, not many years ago by chance, the largest system of salt caves in the world during a geological expedition. In China we can find, at more than 3000 meters over the sea, a large salt lake where migratory birds stop in their travels.

Salt places around the world

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