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¿Y si la sal no fuese la culpable de la tensión alta?

Un estudio de la doctora Lynn L. Moore, profesora asociada de Medicina en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Boston, encuentra que consumir menos sodio no se asocia con presión arterial más baja y ponen en duda los límites de sodio recomendados por las actuales Guías Alimentarias de Estados Unidos.   Más info

ISAL Press Package

The Salt Institute (ISAL) is a non-profit organisation that represents the salt sector in Spain and Portugal, and is made up of eighteen companies in the Iberian Peninsula. This sector has an age-old tradition, is leader in world exportation, is basic for many industrial processes and the food industry and is environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, the various forms used to extract this natural substance, such as saltworks and mines, represent a cultural heritage which must be protected as part of our history.   Más info

Salt for de-icing

Salt is considered the most effective and reliable way to de-ice roads. Throughout Europe, managers of road networks use a variety of salt and de-icing methods. Each method ensures the best results for each country, taking into account its particular climatic conditions, traffic density, topography, availability of resources and budget.   Más info

The importance of salt in toddler food intake

Fat and sugar levels can be reduced in children’s food without having an impact on their palatability. However, the reduction of salt should be considered cautiously, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition called “The impact of salt, fat and sugar levels on toddler food intake”, December 2010.   Más info

Salt Institute warns about problems of obesity

The US federal government has published the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. They include the reduction of sodium in their diet as a way to combat hypertension, ignoring recent research that suggests obesity, not salt, is the main culprit in rising blood pressure rates.   Más info

Eat less, a difficult message for the industry

With the exception of the Salt Institute, the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 have been welcomed by the majority of the US food and agriculture industry. However, the Salt Institute, pointing out that “obesity, not salt, is the main culprit in rising blood pressure rates” has probably been the most realistic institution as it looks at the main issue face-on: America has a serious obesity problem.   Más info

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